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John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

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John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

Everything we experience in life; we crave that it has a positive influence on our lives. These interactions create memories that attach themselves to us.  I've learned that it's my job, to enhance those moments and make them unforgettable.  


​I'm John Kinney- Magician & Memory Maker,  


I am committed to making my contribution to the world by elevating the way you see & feel the Art of Magic. I use rapport and skill to unexpectedly surprise and amaze my audience. To evoke an emotional and at times inspirational feeling is the absolute best. In fact, the fun part is to think and plan for all the different ways I can achieve that for your event.


I’ve worked with some amazing for-profit and non-for-profit companies like Harry’s Inc, The Children's Heart Foundation, Handy, AT&T, Xandr and HBO all the way to Tony and Emmy Award Winners.  Click on the Contact & Booking tab and I’d be happy to provide a free quote for you. Thank you so much for your interest and I genuinely look foreword to working with you. 


John Kinney


Close-Up | Strolling/Walking | Stage/ Stand-Up

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When you experience magic in the right context and see and feel how it can open your mind and heart then you’ll truly understand how special it is as a form of storytelling. It can achieve results that no other art form can. 



John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

“John’s amazing sleight of hand and quick-witted presentation made our event an unforgettably exciting evening. My guests thought John’s performance was one of the most magical they had ever seen! What’s so unique about John’s performance is his flawless combination of magic and humor. It is rare when a magician leaves you gasping from both disbelief and uncontrollable laughter.”

 Jack Lane, Tony Award Winning Producer of FUN HOME

"John Kinney is the epitome of a great performer with personality and charisma shining in every performance.  The interaction he shares with his audience is so captivating that it had others stopping in their tracks to see it for themselves.  John's magic leaves audiences speechless and wanting more!"

Ryan Stana, EMMY award winner & CEO of RWS and Associates

John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

“I was EXTREMELY happy to see a magician doing walk-around magic for everyone today. I remember watching magic shows at Santa’s Village when I was younger, and had been saying that I wished they would bring it back. Not only did Santa’s Village bring back a magician, but they brought back an EXCELLENT magician. Walk around magic isn’t easy, and can quickly become a lot less magic and a lot more eye-rolling if the magician isn’t very good at what he does. John Kinney, thankfully, is exceptionally good at what he does. I was the winner of the I.B.M. Ring 362’s Nate Leipzig Close-up Magic Contest in 2011, and thus maintained a number of perspectives while watching his performances. As a father of two young boys who enjoy magic, a lover of magic myself, and also as a fellow performer. John Kinney was excellent. He was engaging, he drew huge crowds, and he kept them entertained with technical expertise and likeable persona. It was a WELCOME change of pace to the day, and I hope to see more of him this year. I have NO doubt that others will feel the same!”

John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

Nick Graham, WInner of the I.B.M. RIng 362's Nater Leipzig Close-Up Magic Contest in 2011

"We had a corporate holiday party of 22 people in a nice private dining room and I engaged John to entertain us with both walk around magic during the cocktail hour, followed by further entertainment while we sat and enjoyed dinner. He is charming, witty, funny, humorous, and a very nice and approachable entertainer that made our party a big hit!! John is easy to talk to, and he understood what I wanted and he delivered! His magic tricks were great, as were his illusions, and he performed for 2 full hours plus. Don't think twice if you are contemplating hiring him for a gig.........he is very, very good and you will not be disappointed. Cheers!!"


John Kinney delivered a show-stopping team event that our group will talk about for a long time. It was such a fun and interactive time and allowed us to connect with our global colleagues. All of our mouths were on the floor when the show ended!

Allison Hayhurst VP, Customer Success | Customer Support - Scaled Services

John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

If your company is looking for an incredibly cool team event to have some fun and have your minds completely blown, I couldn’t recommend John Kinney more. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing John perform in NYC in person (parlor magic- mind blowing) and now three times virtually over the pandemic. It’s easily the coolest virtual entertainment I’ve experienced this entire pandemic. We had our team from all over the globe be able to join- so so cool. And now we’re all freaking out and changing our locks because John is TOO GOOD.

Jessica Brown Associate Director-Scaled Services | Customer Support - Scaled Services

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