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John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

Magician For hire

Private parties

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No matter what event you’re putting together there are three styles of magic you can expect.  John will then customize your selection to fit perfectly into your planning.  The Magic Styles are: Close-Up Magic, Strolling Magic, and Stage/Stand-Up Magic.

Close-up magic 

Everything takes place under your nose! This is an experience in an intimate setting usually no more than 10 feet from the audience and is usually at times performed while sitting at a table. This style of magic is perfect for events like Weddings, Open Houses, Trade Shows, Home Soirees, Holiday Parties and Corporate Events just to name a few. The possibilities are endless! 

John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

Strolling Magic

This form of magic is like close-up magic but John moves to you!  John will create small astounding magic shows for each group at your event.  Giving everyone the chance to mingle and meet but if your guests don’t know each other John’s magic will give them something to talk about as the perfect ice breaker.  This option helps unite people and groups to build an atmosphere that’s blended and unforgettable.

John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

Stage/Stand-up magic

This form of magic can be experienced in a theatre, auditorium, or office study just to name a few environments.  Generally selected for large numbers of people it can be used for groups as small at 50 ppl. John’s stage and stand-up magic show will be customized to fit your demographic needs. Be it entertainment after dinner at your company party, awards dinner, festival, or a special party in your home.  These shows generally run from 60 minutes but can be designed shorter or longer to meet your time requirements.

John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker
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Grand Openings

I understand that you only get one chance to make an unforgettable impression.  This impression will forever be imprinted on your guests. I want to create positive memories associated with your business.  Whenever your guests think about your product and or company, they’ll be flooded with all the wonderful emotions I helped create on your grand opening. 


I will customize magic using your products and branding to make a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Holiday / Themed party Magician

Magic is in the air! Every holiday, award show, or big game day event craves for that extra special factor to make your event stand out amongst the rest. John’s magic will help make your holidays and themes events come to life.


John will customize an experience that will forever have a lasting impression on all of your guests and when they think of the memories made here, they’ll think of you and/or your company. 


Holiday Ideas

Perfect for but not limited to: 


  • Independence Day 

  • Halloween

  • Purim

  • Christmas

  • Hanukkah

  • New Years 

  • Easter


Themed Ideas 

Perfect for but not limited to: 


  • Super bowl 

  • Academy Awards

  • Tony’s

  • World Series 

  • U.S. Open

John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker

Family Show Magician

John is great with kids!  Although not considered a children's entertainer, he is known to excel in this atmosphere.  This package is filled with magic and plenty of audience participation. With a 100% clean and fun show, John’s magic has thrilled thousands of kids at school assemblies, birthday parties, and church functions. Birthday shows are generally about 40 minutes long and fit great into your planning events.  These shows are geared toward kids but are designed to be entertaining for the adults as well.

Family Show Ideas 

Perfect for but not limited to: 


  • Community Event

  • Fundraising Event 

  • Birthdays 

  • Bar & Bat Mitzvah 

  • Elementary & Middle School Events 

  • Take Your Kid to Work Day Event

John Kinney | Magician & Memory Maker
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