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John Kinney | Corporate Magician


Virtual Magic
a new form of Magic

John Kinney delivered a show-stopping team event that our group will talk about for a long time. It was such a fun and interactive time and allowed us to connect with our global colleagues. All of our mouths were on the floor when the show ended!


Allison Hayhurst VP, Customer Success | Customer Support - Scaled Services

If your company is looking for an incredibly cool team event to have some fun and have your minds completely blown, I couldn’t recommend John Kinney more. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing John perform in NYC in person (parlor magic- mind blowing) and now three times virtually over the pandemic. It’s easily the coolest virtual entertainment I’ve experienced this entire pandemic. We had our team from all over the globe be able to join- so so cool. And now we’re all freaking out and changing our locks because John is TOO GOOD.

Jessica Brown Associate Director-Scaled Services | Customer Support - Scaled Services

John's Virtual Magic is always customized and it's important that you know it's also never replicated.  The way John performs, he couldn't possibly give the same performance twice.  John's Virtual Magic is all about audience involvement, interaction, experience and action.  Everyone tuning into this show will be heavily involved in the magic that occurs.  Magic will happen on the screen and literally in the hands of the viewer.  John can't wait to show you what he has in store as it's unlike anything you've ever experienced.  


Magic can happen anywhere you are if you want it to. 

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